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Alfasi Consulting utilizes the "Pro-Active Method" in managing all
of their claims.  

summation to anticipate and see a situation (even a conflict or crisis), as an opportunity
The Pro-Active Method consists of building on foreknowledge, investigation, research and
regardless how threatening or how inauspicious it looks, as well as a means to influence a
situation constructively instead of reacting to it.  The objective is to create an unmatched
opportunity and leading advantage by using all available resources.  We also take into
consideration the contributions each stakeholder can make to the issue.  Even in
situations where the issue appears to be irrelevant,  we try to find ways to create a benefit.
                                    MITIGATING DAMAGES

Anticipating Disagreements and Incorporating Strategies to       

Reduce Risk     Reduce Costs      Reduce Exposure      Reduce Award Size

ACG thoroughly investigates and analyzes each claim or potential claim to provide its
clients with the knowledge and resources to swiftly and effectively manage and resolve
their claims.  No matter what type of claim you may be facing ACG works towards a quick
resolution to provide you with the maximum 4R benefit.


ACG assists sureties in avoiding, investigating and resolving bond claims.
In the case where a surety takes a loss, ACG utilizes its expertise to assist sureties in the
pursuit of subrogation for maximum recovery.

                           CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY CLAIMS

ACG has the experience and knowledge to help minimize the likelihood of claims on client
projects and where a claim might have arisen, to reduce the size of potential awards.


- Review and Analysis of Drawings & Specifications
- Review & Analysis of Construction and Delivery
- Review of Material Selection
- Existing Conditions Analysis
- QC/QA Program Review
- Early Stage RFI Review
- Claim Review
- Change Order Procedure Review
- Change Order Review
- Progress Monitoring and Reporting
- Onsite Review


Construction Defect   Insurance Claims    Expert Witness Testimony
               Construction Monitoring and Inspections


- Program Management             - Cost Management               - Scheduling Management
- Construction Management     - Quality Management           - Troubled Project Management
- Project Management                - Contract Administration    - Risk Management


Project Condition Assessment      Third-Party Report and Evaluation
                 Applicable Code Compliance Evaluation